To the Hiker Who is Ready to Stop Waiting on Someone Else's Schedule and Fears

Solo Hiking Workshop

Lose the knot in your stomach that is playing your fears over and over in your head and walk away with the exact skills to be able to confidently hike solo without worrying for your safety.

Solo Hiking Workshop just $37


You want to go hiking and backpacking, but you have no one to go with.


If you’re like most, your friends aren’t into the type of trails and adventures you want to be going on, or your schedules never seem to line up.


So you wait… 


And keep waiting what feels like endlessly for someone to go with you so you can actually go hiking and backpacking.


You’ve thought about going solo, but everyone around you tells you it’s unsafe to do things alone, especially in the wilderness. Not to mention you’d be crazy for going alone. What if something happens?


After all, there are bears out there that will try and eat you, especially if you’re alone, and there are crazy people out there who will try to kill you if the bears don’t get to you first.


Even if a crazy person doesn’t jump out from behind the bush, and a bear doesn’t attack, what if something happens? What if you fall and get stuck between a boulder and need to cut off your own arm. What happens then?


You don’t want to end up like that guy in that movie…


All of the what if scenarios keep playing in your head, so you decide to wait until that day when someone can go hiking and backpacking with you.


So you keep waiting… and waiting...


It’s not your fault, you grew up being told these things aren’t safe, being told these dangerous things will happen if you step out into the wilderness by yourself.


But if you continue to wait, one day it will be too late to go.


That day is not today, but as you already know, you only have one life. So how much longer are you going to keep waiting to go on the adventures you want before there are no more days left?


Towards the end of your life, you’ll be sitting at home, watching a TV show with all the amazing places that you didn’t get to experience, and watching someone else live the life and go on the adventures that you desperately wanted to do… and sit there regretting the things you didn’t get to do.




Because you listened to all of the people in your life who told you that you can’t and shouldn’t. And gave into the endless stream of fears in your head.


If you feel like this, then chances are we can relate…


I started hiking and backpacking in college, but when I graduated and actually had the time to go on bigger adventures, none of my college friends wanted to go.


They’d go on a local stroll but none of them wanted to climb mountains… so I waited.


Until one day, something clicked for me. I don’t want to live a life full of wishing, I want to live a life full of doing. So after sulking around wishing I got to do cool things but being bummed out when I had no one to go with, I decided I was just going to go solo. Boy, did I learn a ton along the way.


But what started as a way to see our planet turned into something more…


I developed the confidence to hike bigger trails and the confidence to literally be able to pick a trail on a map and go for it whether someone can join me or not. The ability to rely on myself whether I’m solo or not in any wilderness situation. I developed a better relationship with myself and my body. I developed a better connection with myself through my solo adventures.


I became a limitless hiker.


That kind of confidence, empowerment, and relationship with yourself doesn’t come from sitting on the couch wishing…


It all came from hiking solo.


Imagine if you had a way to overcome your fears and learn the skills you need to go hiking solo safely and confidently?


- Solo Hiking Workshop -


The proven method for helping you get out of your head and onto the trail by yourself with absolute confidence.


>>> Get complete clarity on how to choose your first solo hike and transition into solo backpacking.


>>> Learn how to save yourself in common wilderness situations and emergencies so you no longer need to worry about or rely on others for your safety.


>>> Discover how to move past your fears before and during your hike, and tell the difference between actual danger and your fears.


>>> Get my exact process for taking stunning photos of yourself when you’re solo without relying on other people.


>>> Overcome your fear of sleeping alone in the dark so you can actually get a good night's rest.


>>> Discover how to avoid being lonely on solo adventures.


>>> Discover how to tell your family and friends in a way that helps them understand why you want to go solo, and helps you stand up for your decision without giving into their fears.


>>> Learn how to stay safe around other humans when you’re traveling in the wilderness.


And so much more… by the end you’re going to walk away confident and with complete clarity for how to hike and backpack solo.

I want to join!

Who Am I?

I’m Jenny, a hiking coach and the creator of Limitless Hiker, which has helped thousands of other people just like you overcome what’s holding them back and go on to hike the trails they’ve been dreaming of.


I have spent the last 7+ years honing my outdoor skills through hiking, backpacking, and snowboarding all over the US.


I didn’t grow up hiking and backpacking the trails you see me doing today. In 2014, I jumped into backpacking, but I had no one to learn from. So I made countless mistakes including getting injured because I didn’t train correctly, carrying the wrong gear, carrying an overly heavy backpack, and getting heat exhaustion.


Over the years, I’ve learned how to do this correctly and I’m here to teach you how to skip over all of my mistakes so you get out there safely, and far quicker.