If you’re ready to stop waiting to go backpacking or trying to go with broken strategies and instead learn the exact skills you need to master to kick your fears to the curb so that you can go backpacking this year feeling completely confident and prepared…  then this bootcamp is for you.


Join Me For a FREE 3-Part Virtual Bootcamp Starting Feb 3rd

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Part 1

Becoming a Backpacker

  • Discover the most common mistakes that everyone makes when going backpacking and why those strategies are broken (plus what you should do instead).
  • Full break down of the 5 different types of hikers to see where you are now and how to improve to become a real #limitlesshiker.
  • A deeper dive into how hiking can transform your relationship with yourself and your body so that you can have a connection with the person that matters most.

Part 2

Owning Your Wilderness Safety

  • Learn exactly how to train correctly to prevent injuries while getting stronger for bigger backpacking goals. This is not info you’re going to find anywhere else.
  • Discover the most common safety mistakes that people make to ensure you’re not making those.
  • Get my biggest gear buying tips to eliminate confusion and help you save money by not buying things you don’t need.

Part 3

Limitless Hiker Framework

  • You’re finally going to learn how to OVERCOME that fear that’s been keeping you stuck, never feeling ready, and listening to everyone who tells you why you shouldn’t go backpacking.
  • Get the exact steps you need to go backpacking confidently without any confusion so you no longer second guess any of your decisions.
  • Learn exactly what all prepared and self-sufficient backpackers know and unprepared ones don’t.
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Part 1 - February 3rd at 4:30pm PST

Part 2 - February 8th at 4:30pm PST

Part 3 - February 10th at 4:30pm PST


Because I want you to have the time to go through the training sessions and more than once if you need to without being rushed, they are spaced out.

If you can’t attend live, they will be recorded so you can watch the replays after.



This is a virtual backpacking bootcamp so you can tune in from anywhere in the world and have access to the training sessions replays if you can’t attend live. They will be done live in the private bootcamp only Facebook Group. 



If you’re a beginner backpacker and have never gone backpacking before, or if you’re someone who has gone a couple of times but is still not fully confident in your skills, this training is for you.

These are just a small handful of THOUSANDS of wins from past virtual bootcamps.

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If you’re like most, then you want to go backpacking, but there’s one big problem…


There’s about a million things you feel like you need to learn to get out there safely and confidently. It’s so overwhelming that you don’t know where to even start.


So naturally the fears set in and you decide to wait until you can learn first hand from someone who knows what they’re doing.


If you’ve been feeling like this, then you’re in the right place.


By the end, you’re going to walk away with the exact steps that you need to know in order to go backpacking confidently this year. You will no longer be second guessing yourself and instead know you have everything you need to have your most adventurous year yet.

I’m Jenny, a hiking and backpacking coach and the creator of Limitless Hiker...

Which has helped thousands of other people just like you go from inexperienced and fearful, to becoming self-sufficient and confident hikers and backpackers. 


If you’ve ever told yourself that you’re too old to start… or have been thinking that you’re behind because you didn’t grow up doing this… then we can relate.


I’ve spent the last 8 years honing my wilderness skills through hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and so many other outdoor activities in every season. But backpacking is not something I grew up with, it’s also something that didn’t come naturally to me. Since then, I’ve done major hikes and backpacking trips like 14ers, Half Dome, Havasupai, thru-hiking trails like the High Sierra Trail, sections of the John Muir Trail, started mountaineering, and even started hosting group trips.


Today, I have taught thousands of others just like you how to go from nervous and unprepared to confident and limitless in their hiking and backpacking abilities.


If you’re ready to become a limitless hiker too, then click below and join me inside this free virtual backpacking bootcamp. They don’t happen often so you won’t want to miss this.

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