To the hiker who is ready to take responsibility for their safety and stop living on the sidelines of your life…

Limitless Hiker Academy

Walk away with the exact tools, skills, and knowledge that you needed to master to go backpacking feeling prepared and confident. By the end, you’re going to feel limitless in your backpacking abilities and what trails you can and want to do.

I'm Ready! I Want To Join!

Your First Backpacking Trip...


If you’re like most, you think backpacking happens in a very linear way…

You pick a trail, stuff a sleeping bag and a tent into a backpack, text your friends, and go have a grand time in the wilderness… come out after a few days a different person. Which can happen…

But what usually happens instead?

You text your friends… no one wants to go.

You ask your partner… they tell you that they’re not into it or they’re not stoked on the idea of you going, especially not by yourself.

You walk into an REI… immediately end up confused. There are about a million different tents and backpacks and sleeping bags. And what about all the trinkets and gadgets they’re trying to sell you on.

And what’s the real difference between this $500 sleeping bag and the $30 one you can get on Amazon? Both say they’re rated for 15 degrees.

You try and Google packing lists and tips… just to end up with at least 3 different packing lists, still unsure about what you actually need and the difference between the cheap bag and the expensive one.

How do you know where to actually save money on stuff and where should you spend money on things?

What about your pack weight? It seems to be ending up really heavy really quickly. But you’re not sure what to leave behind because what if something happens and you don’t have the thing you left?

What about outfit changes and doing laundry on the trail? If you’re going out for 5 days do you rewear stuff or bring 5 changes of clothes? 

Then someone tells you about a bear that they saw so you immediately freak out… what if you see a bear on the trail and it decides to have you as a snack?

Or if a snake bites you?

Or if you fall and hurt yourself and there is no cell reception? You’re going to have to cut off a limb that’s trapped in a rock, like in that one movie…

And now you need a bear canister too?! How are you going to get all that food in there?

Then when it comes down to it, can you actually carry all this stuff on your back? Seems kinda heavy. 

And your knee starts bothering you. You start telling yourself that you haven’t even been training.

You try to Google how to train for hiking… and end up with a bunch of basic info just telling you to do a couple of squats. But that doesn’t seem right, those few squats are going to help you climb a mountain?

Then you go on a Facebook Group and see others telling you that you train for hiking by hiking… but you don’t have time to hike every single day… and your knee is still bothering you… and you don’t really live near anywhere that would actually help you train because everything is flat!

The fears start to set in. You start thinking that you probably can’t do this anyway. You have no one to learn from and no one wants to come with.

Your confidence starts to shrink. So you start talking yourself out of it. 

You didn’t want to go that badly anyways and well it can wait another year. 


I’m here to let you in on a secret…

You can’t Google your way up the mountain.

How many people do you know that Google different diets and weight loss processes, but never see any actual weight loss results?


There is an overload of information online, all telling you to try different things. You jump from one resource to another, hoping that this one will be it. This will be the solution to help you lose those pesky 15 pounds. But nothing changes. If anything, you usually end up gaining weight.


That’s because there is no structure, no accountability, and no one helping you put everything together so you actually get the results.


And, most of the time, you just end up so overwhelmed at the endless information, that you don’t even know where to start.


Not to mention, these online resources rarely show you the bigger picture or give you all of the information. 


They usually give you a snip of information just to make you feel like you’re learning something and making progress, but is that giving you the results you want?


And that’s exactly why, year after year, nothing changes.


Because making that change on your own is harder than you think!

It seems like a pretty straightforward solution, doesn’t it?

Just Google what you don’t know, watch a couple of YouTube videos, get out there, and start learning what Limitless Hikers do. Start doing it yourself, and start living the dream?


Unfortunately… No!


If you could just Google everything, wouldn’t you already have solved it, and wouldn’t you already be out there hiking and backpacking? Wouldn’t you have Googled yourself more backpacking confidence?


What is the #1 thing Google won’t tell you?


What you’re missing!

There are things you don’t even know to look for, questions you don’t even know you need to ask!

Until you’re out there in the wilderness and realize there’s something you don’t know. Then it’s too late and you have no cell reception to Google it. 


Do you really want to put yourself in that situation?


So the solution seems simple, doesn’t it? Just find someone who has gone before, they can go with you and explain everything to you.


But just because this person has gone on a handful of trips, how do you know they actually know what they’re doing? So how do you know that you can put your safety into their hands?

Have you ever considered that you need to know these skills too?


Have you considered that the key to becoming a Limitless Hiker is to be able to be self-sufficient in the wilderness?


To go in even with the basic knowledge you need to ensure you have an amazing time but also that you’re safe out there. And if needed, you can help others as well. Even as a newbie?

"Limited Hiker Academy doesn't just build your confidence by Jenny telling you that you can do it, it builds your confidence because you come out of it with the skills you need.

During the 90s, I did a fair amount of hiking and a few overnight backpacking trips.  With the exception of my trusty packs, most of my gear is long gone or outdated.  The start of the pandemic in 2020 got me back into the woods to do a lot of hiking and reinvigorated the itch to start doing overnight trips again but I was a little lost on where to begin to accumulate new gear, how to pack for overnighters, etc. but a girlfriend recommended I check out Jenny's free online class.  Right away I could tell that this was the program I needed to get back in the woods for extended trips.  I was a little reluctant initially because of the cost but decided to take the plunge by cutting a few corners in other places and am so glad I did. Plus, the awesome photography has inspired me to explore some places I wouldn't have put on my bucket list before."


So the question becomes… did you get lucky or were you prepared?


And that’s ultimately the difference between a Limitless Hiker and everyone else even if they’re someone who has gone on a few trips… Limitless Hikers are prepared.


Maybe right now you’re thinking that backpacking seems even less attainable because now not only do you need to figure out where to go and what gear to bring with you, but you also need to think about safety! And how will you ever learn these things?


If you’re feeling overwhelmed… or like backpacking sounds even more terrifying now… then you just need help to get you there.


Have you considered that it’s a good thing that you currently don’t feel prepared?

Because now you can open yourself up to learning how to go backpacking correctly and safely so you don’t end up as a story that’s shared of what not to do?


And that means you’re already far more prepared than most people! 


Just because you’re not there right this second, doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to get there in the next few months.

And if you’ve been operating like this…


It’s ok!


It’s not your fault. It’s what you’ve been taught and sadly most people live their lives like that, but you’re not most people…


If you’ve made it this far, you have what it takes to be a Limitless Hiker too.


Because the alternative is to continue to keep waiting. But then how much of your life will you miss if you keep waiting? 


It’s time for you to allow yourself to be important in your own life.


If you’re the type of person who is ready to stop living on the sidelines of your life and is ready to say yes to yourself, then I’d like to invite you now to me and to continue to allow me to coach you inside of Limitless Hiker Academy. 

This is a complete A to Z transformational process. There is nothing surface level about LHA. This is not just the bones, you’re getting the meat and potatoes inside. Because inside you’re going to find every single thing you possibly need when it comes to backpacking. 


So you can have a “hiking resume” just like mine.


The best part, it’s on your schedule. Meaning it’s designed to be self paced. So you can go through it as quickly or as slowly as you need. Come back to the lessons any time, and you have access to me and a community for guidance.


Limitless Hiker Academy isn’t a PDF download, a couple of random videos, or even a bunch of information just thrown at you. It’s a full transformational process.


You will walk away with the exact tools, skills, and knowledge needed to master your safety and go backpacking feeling prepared and confident. By the end, you’re going to feel limitless in your backpacking abilities and what trails you can and want to do.

"The biggest thing that helped me were the packing list and gear breakdowns. There are tons of sites out there and you could try, but I was able to ask Jenny questions and get feedback. There are no stupid questions.


I had this desire to backpack but I was scared to death...I started thinking, I'm now in my 50's and it's now and never... By going through Limitless Hiker Academy I was able to do 100 miles of the Colorado trail just 6 months after back surgery."

- Monica


Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside Limitless Hiker Academy once you join…

Module 1: Your Hiking Headspace

Mastering your headspace is going to set the foundation for your entire journey. You can’t build a house on a broken foundation. So here I’m going coach you through all of your fears, belief systems, and that entire process to help you move past all of your fears and the stories.

You’re going to learn: 

  • How to change the narrative in your head from never feeling head enough or good enough to become mentally prepared. 
  • The quickest and easiest way to overcome fear when it sets in while you’re hiking. You know, that voice that tells you you’re not capable and should turn around?
  • How to set hiking goals and actually achieve them.

Module 2: Planning Roadmap

Planning backpacking trips can be a huge challenge since there are so many moving pieces involved in the researching and planning process. Plus, getting those backpacking permits, especially for trails like Half Dome, the John Muir Trail, Mt. Whitney, the Enchantments, and Havasupai, can be a huge challenge.

You’re going to learn: 

  • The full breakdown of the logistics you need to consider when planning a backpacking trip - some you didn’t even consider you needed.
  • My top resources for finding trails, choosing hikes, and selecting backcountry campgrounds that match your current comfort level without spending hours researching just to end up more confused.
  • The secret to getting all of those hard-to-get wilderness permits. 
  • Finally how to put it all together so that you can actually go backpacking!

Module 3: Training for the Peaks

Training is an essential part of preventing injuries, building confidence, and progressing to more challenging trails. When you strengthen your body you optimize how your body functions and how you feel within your body. It also lets you focus on the trail instead of just moving your sore and tired legs up the mountain.

You’re going to learn: 

  • Learn how to do strength training correctly to prevent injuries and get stronger every week.
  • How to do cardio in the correct heart rate zone so you’re not huffing and puffing the whole way.
  • Understand mobility to improve your flexibility to help prevent injuries.
  • The secret to making fitness work with your schedule while actually progressing along your fitness journey.
  • How to craft a hiking specific training program – unlike the general fitness programs
  • How to improve your hiking speed and overall endurance level.
  • PLUS – You get an entire bank of exercises where I show you how to do the exercise with correct form, and how to add progression so you keep getting stronger. 

Module 4: Simplify Backpacking Gear

Figuring out what backpacking gear you need can be very confusing. There are at least a million things to figure out, not to mention it can add up in cost really quickly. So what do you really need?

You’re going to learn: 

  • A full breakdown of every system you need to bring with you on a backpacking trip. This is more then a packing list... this is a full breakdown of every single system you need to know when choosing gear and making educated purchasing decisions.
  • Major things you need to think about when purchasing key pieces of gear like backpacks, sleeping bags and pads, tents, shoes, clothing, hiking poles, water filter and carry systems, and more.
  • How to pack your backpack correctly so that everything fits and sits comfortably on you without causing back pain.
  • The easiest ways to reduce your overall pack weight without sacrificing comfort.
  • Plus, my top gear recommendations to help you narrow down your search.

Module 5: Backcountry Hygiene

Does going to the bathroom outdoors worry you? Not sure what to do if you’re going backpacking on your period? What if you’re planning a long backpacking trip and want to shower and wash your hair along the way?

You’re going to learn: 

  • How to go to the bathroom in the woods without stressing about it.
  • How to pack out your dirty toilet paper without making it a gross experience.
  • Simple ways to shower, shave, and wash your hair on longer backpacking trips.
  • Plus, an entire lesson specifically covering women-specific hygiene with topics like hiking and backpacking on your period.

Module 6: Wilderness Safety

You already know the importance of mastering safety... because well, you don't want to die in the wilderness. 

You’re going to learn: 

  • A full breakdown of wilderness first aid basics so you know how to handle different wilderness emergencies and you’re prepared no matter what.
  • Discover how to read a map and use a compass so that if you get lost, you know exactly what to do and can return safely.
  • What to do in different wildlife encounters so that you are prepared regardless of where you’re hiking.
  • What types of wildlife to expect in different areas of the country.
  • Learn what to do if a wildfire breaks out while you’re backpacking so you get back safely.
  • How to do water crossings safely and effectively.
  • The secret to preventing altitude sickness and what to do if you or someone gets it.
  • Easy ways to understand different weather patterns so you’re not caught off guard.

Module 7: Breaking Down Leave No Trace Principles

Leave No Trace Principles are essential to getting outdoors sustainably and preserving our wilderness areas for generations to come.

You’re going to learn: 

  • Discover how to follow Leave No Trace Principles on all of your hiking and backpacking trips so that you can help leave our wilderness areas better than we found them.
  • The truth about following Leave No Trace when it comes to sharing locations on social media.

Module 8: Putting It All Together

After you’ve gone through the process of gaining all of the knowledge about backpacking, now to truly be a Limitless Hiker and to actually know how to hike and backpack, and how to actually live the life you’re after you need to take the most important step of all… You now need to go DO!

You’re going to learn: 

  • Help you work through any blocks that you have remaining that are preventing you from going backpacking.
  • Discover how to put everything you just learned together.
  • Be able to understand how to keep growing as a backpacker so that you can stack your skills and adventures and tackle bigger trails.

But that’s not all…

The Real “Secret Sauce” That Makes LHA so Transformative...


There are lots of books, blogs, and YouTube videos out there that promise the same kinds of results as LHA. Heck, you can even spend several thousands of dollars on a guide.


Maybe you’ve bought some of those books. Maybe you’ve spent countless hours reading blogs and watching YouTube videos only to end up in the same spot you’re in today.


Well, the truth is, few, if any of them, can deliver like Limitless Hiker Academy does for one simple reason: 


Limitless Hiker Academy focuses on EXECUTION, NOT JUST LEARNING. It shows you exactly what to do, without the guesswork, to ensure that you’re prepared with the skills and safety resources you need to get outdoors safely and confidently.


I can guarantee there are many things you didn’t even think about Googling and won’t find anywhere else on the internet. After all, you can only Google what you know you don’t know. What about everything else?


Even the $15 courses out there that promise similar results are just scratching the surface and don’t go into the same detail and support you get inside LHA.

"I ascended to 13,070 feet, pretty damn proud of my accomplishment since this was my first overnight backpacking trip.

Considering I live in Texas where my house is about 57 feet above sea level, very happy with my level of success. Thanks for helping me accomplish this feat!!!"

- Doug

Want to know what LHA looks like?

Watch the course walkthrough to see everything waiting for you inside.


Now you’re probably wondering... 

How Much Is My Investment?


Limitless Hiker Academy is not some expensive course that will cost you thousands of dollars, like hiring a mountain guide would be just to learn a fraction of what you get inside, plus you can’t go back and ask the guide questions or revisit lessons.


It’s also not an outdated $12 book, a $20 barebones course that just skims the basic.


It’s a small investment into your future that will pay endlessly for years to come through the adventures you will be going on. 


And when you weigh all that against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, then it’s an easy choice.


I’m committed to making Limitless Hiker Academy as accessible as possible so many budding hikers and backpackers who want to can use it to make their dreams a reality…


Normally LHA is $397 but for the next few days you can join for just three payments of $87. Or a one time payment of $197.

Most Accessible

Three Monthly Payments of $87

  • The 8-Core LHA Training Modules
  • Done for You 6 Week Workout Plan
  • GPS Tech Breakdown
  • Backcountry Meal Lesson and Toolkit
  • Easiest Ways to Save Money on Quality Gear
  • Communicate with your Partner Scripts
  • LHA Student Only Facebook Group
  • Access to Group Backpacking Trips

Most Popular

One Time Payment of $197

  • The 8-Core LHA Training Modules
  • Done for You 6 Week Workout Plan
  • GPS Tech Breakdown
  • Backcountry Meal Lesson and Toolkit
  • Easiest Ways to Save Money on Quality Gear
  • Communicate with your Partner Scripts
  • LHA Student Only Facebook Group
  • Access to Group Backpacking Trips
I'm Ready! I Want To Join!

I’ll even guarantee it with your

15-Day Worry-Free Money Back Guarantee


I am personally committed to helping you go backpacking this year. That is my goal and I am here to guide you and help you get there.


Which is why I’m personally committed to providing an extraordinary experience for all of my students inside of Limitless Hiker Academy and to help you get onto those trails you’ve been dreaming about.


I want you to take time going through the course, go through the lessons, have time to implement them, and actually see the backpacking results.


If you’re not completely BLOWN AWAY by the lessons and experience inside of Limitless Hiker Academy, simply send an email to my Support Team at [email protected] for a FULL REFUND on your investment. If we’re not a right fit, I am here to rectify the situation. No harsh feelings either, I promise.

I have some Extra “Goodies” For You

Bonus 1: Done for You 6 Week Workout Plan ($497 Value)

To help you jump start your fitness for backpacking, I’ve created a done for you 6 week workout plan that you can get started with instantly while you work through the rest of the course.

Best part? It's specifically designed to help you get stronger for hiking and to prevent injuries. This is not your cookie-cutter found on Google training plan.

Bonus 2: Bonus 2: GPS Tech Breakdown ($397 Value)

 You’ll never again utter the words “I’m not techy so I can’t figure this out…”

In this full series I’ll be breaking down how to use the Gaia App, Garmin InReach, and even AllTrails so that you fully understand how to use these GPS devices for navigational purposes while hiking.

Bonus 3: Backcountry Meal Lesson and Toolkit ($147 Value)

There’s a science to planning, preparing, and packing your backpacking meals.

In the backcountry, food is fuel. It’s not just a matter of what you eat, it’s really understanding how your body processes certain types of foods so you can maximize your energy and recovery while backpacking.

Every ounce matters when you’re going backpacking. You don’t want to carry a 50-pound pack up a mountain, so you need to maximize your meals to be weight-efficient.

Inside, you’ll discover…

  • How to plan out your backpacking meals so that you’re not over-packing or under-packing and adding extra carrying weight.
  • An easy-to-understand breakdown of backpacking nutrition so you don’t get overwhelmed, but, instead, understand the type of food you need to bring with you so that you can sustain your energy for the day and the duration of your trip.

Bonus 4: Easiest Ways to Save Money on Quality Gear ($147 Value)

Backpacking and hiking gear can be expensive. Cheap gear is, well, cheaply made and usually won’t even last a single backpacking trip. That’s why in this lesson, you’re going to learn how to get quality gear without breaking the bank. 

Inside, you’ll learn...

  • Quick and easy ways to save money on quality gear.
  • The secret to finding and getting discounts on hiking and backpacking gear that no one else will tell you.

Bonus 5: My Partner Doesn’t Hike Scripts ($97 Value)

If your partner does not hike and does not understand why you want to hike, these scripts will help you talk to them and help them understand why you want to go hiking.

Inside you’ll…

  • Be able to get to the root of why your partner doesn’t want you hiking and backpacking.
  • Understand how to communicate with them in a way that eases their worries and creates an environment where you can go on an adventure.
  • Learn how to ask better questions to truly understand where your partner stands.
  • Offer solutions to any problem or concern they bring up.

Bonus 6: Limitless Hiker Academy Student Only Facebook Group ($497 Value)

Since we’re a group that likes to support each other, you also get access to a student only Facebook community! Inside this community you can connect with other Limitless Hikers, ask your questions outside of our Q/A calls, and get support from me and the others in the group, as well as share photos of your recent adventures.

Inside you’ll…

  • Interact with others in the Limitless Hiker Academy community to make long lasting outdoorsy friends.
  • Get feedback on all of your questions outside our Q/A calls.
  • Share your latest hiking and backpacking adventures.

Bonus 7: Access to Group Backpacking Trips ($2497 Value)

Previously I did offer group trips to everyone, but moving forward because I really want to be able to celebrate my limitless hiker students and help you go to that next level. I will only be offering backpacking trips to LHA students. 

So that you can take what you learn inside of LHA and apply it on a backpacking trip with me and a group of other hikers who are all learning at the same time.

"LHA got me going for more miles.

I started going for 3 miles, and then 6 miles, and then I saw I was almost to 7 miles, so I kept pushing for more miles and more elevation gain and going on harder and harder trails.
I wanted to get into more intense hiking and then I tried on my own, but what I was doing wasn’t the right stuff. I went to Yellowstone and didn’t go with bear spray so I was too afraid to spend much time hiking. But then I discovered LHA and this is a great way to learn alongside others who are in the same place as me, so I didn’t feel bad that I don’t already have the knowledge.

I love that the course is self-paced, I can go through it on my own time and go back through them.

I love the connection with the other students.

Even during COVID when getting out can be more challenging, LHA has kept my motivation high and has kept me working toward my hiking goals."

- Lisa

Most Accessible

Three Monthly Payments of $87

  • The 8-Core LHA Training Modules
  • Done for You 6 Week Workout Plan
  • GPS Tech Breakdown
  • Backcountry Meal Lesson and Toolkit
  • Easiest Ways to Save Money on Quality Gear
  • Communicate with your Partner Scripts
  • LHA Student Only Facebook Group
  • Access to Group Backpacking Trips

Most Popular

One Time Payment of $197

  • The 8-Core LHA Training Modules
  • Done for You 6 Week Workout Plan
  • GPS Tech Breakdown
  • Backcountry Meal Lesson and Toolkit
  • Easiest Ways to Save Money on Quality Gear
  • Communicate with your Partner Scripts
  • LHA Student Only Facebook Group
  • Access to Group Backpacking Trips
I'm Ready! I Want To Join!

"I'm now getting ready to thru-hike the High Sierra Trail.

I joined LHA because I couldn't find what I needed online. Everything was too vague or too beginner and basic for the trails I wanted to be doing. LHA prepared me for major trails like the High Sierra Trail."

- Kevin

Limitless Hiker Academy is Definitely NOT for Everyone

Now it’s not a matter of how ready or confident you are, but how COMMITTED you are.

 When you’re committed, you’re 100% in and willing to do whatever it takes.

You can’t be 99% committed. That’s a conditional commitment, and that does not get you to the top of that mountain and on those backcountry adventures you’re dreaming about.

Conditional commitment means that you’ll only do it if it’s easy. But if it’s easy, wouldn’t everyone do it?

But everyone is not a Limitless Hiker.

Now the million dollar question is…

If you were truly 100% committed to hiking and backpacking those trails you’re itching to do, what would be the scariest thing you’ll have to do to make it happen?

"Before, I used to buy endless guidebooks that would never get me anywhere. LHA made backpacking very practical and for a very small price and it got me into the whole thing.

I was a complete beginner. I read a book about backpacking the AT and I used to dream about it and my endless bucket list. But the more I thought about it, the more I freaked out and realized I didn’t know anything to go backpacking. LHA came around at the right time. I went from 0 to doing 13 mile hiking trips."

- Irina


So, Let’s Recap!

  • The 8-Core LHA Training Modules will teach you all of the essential skills and safety elements like planning, training, safety, gear, and more. ($897 Value) 
  • Done for You 6 Week Workout Plan to jump start your fitness journey and create a foundation that you can build on to keep getting stronger. ($497 Value)
  • GPS Tech Breakdown to learn how to use the Gaia App, CalTopo, Garmin InReach Mini, and the Garmin InReach Explorer + so that you fully understand how to use these GPS devices for navigational purposes while hiking. ($297 Value)
  • Backcountry Meal Lesson and Toolkit, you’ll learn exactly how to craft the perfect backpacking meal plan to ensure you’re getting enough energy, not going hungry, and not adding extra weight to your pack. ($147 Value)
  • Easiest Ways to Save Money on Quality Gear, so you can get everything you need for your backpacking adventures without breaking the bank. ($147 Value)
  • Communicate with your Partner Scripts so you can work with your partner to help them understand why you want to go backpacking and get to the underlying issue. Make your relationship stronger while being able to go backpacking. ($97 Value)
  • LHA Student Only Facebook Group so you can get feedback on all of your questions at any time, connect with others in the group, make friends, and share your adventures. ($497 Value)
  • Access to Group Backpacking Trips so that you can take what you learn inside of LHA and apply it on a backpacking trip with me and a group of other hikers who are all learning at the same time. ($2497 Value)


That makes everything you get worth well over $6,000!

Now you have a choice…

The first option is to continue to read blogs, watch YouTube videos, and try to Google your way into backpacking. Implement it and try to figure out the rest on your own.


But if you’re the type of person who wants to continue this journey and actually spend time learning the nuts and bolts of backpacking and becoming limitless, then I’m here to support you further.


Because I want to give you all of the tools, A to Z to help you go backpacking this year.


Whether you’re just starting out and literally know nothing. You know a few things. Or you have big dreams like thru-hiking next year. I want to help you achieve those adventure goals.


This is why you can choose to continue our journey together with a group of other like minded folks, learning, growing, and becoming limitless together. And to continue to allow me to guide you along your backpacking journey. 


This is why I’d like to invite you now to join me and to continue to allow me to coach you inside of Limitless Hiker Academy. 

You have questions, I have answers! 

Below is a list of the most common questions I’ve been asked. If you don’t see your question here, just shoot us an email at [email protected], or you can even shoot me a DM on Facebook or Instagram! I’m here to help clear up any confusion to help you decide if Limitless Hiker Academy is a good fit for you.

Most Accessible

Three Monthly Payments of $87

  • The 8-Core LHA Training Modules
  • Done for You 6 Week Workout Plan
  • GPS Tech Breakdown
  • Backcountry Meal Lesson and Toolkit
  • Easiest Ways to Save Money on Quality Gear
  • Communicate with your Partner Scripts
  • LHA Student Only Facebook Group
  • Access to Group Backpacking Trips

Most Popular

One Time Payment of $197

  • The 8-Core LHA Training Modules
  • Done for You 6 Week Workout Plan
  • GPS Tech Breakdown
  • Backcountry Meal Lesson and Toolkit
  • Easiest Ways to Save Money on Quality Gear
  • Communicate with your Partner Scripts
  • LHA Student Only Facebook Group
  • Access to Group Backpacking Trips
I'm Ready! I Want To Join!