To the Nervous Hiker who is ready to stop living on the sidelines of your life…


Limitless Hiker Academy


Walk away knowing precisely how to train to prevent injuries, what gear you need, how to read a map and use a compass, and exactly what to do in any situation you might encounter while backpacking.

How many of these apply to you?

You constantly feel like you're still missing one more thing, so you're stuck in an endless loop trying to look stuff up.

You’re afraid of getting injured and you’re not sure if you’re even training correctly.



You feel that you’re too old to start hiking now.




You don’t think you look like a typical hiker, so what will people say?



You’re worried that you’re too slow so you’re going to get left behind in a group.



You’re scared that you’re going to get lost because you don’t understand all this GPS tech or how to read a map and use a compass.

If after reading that, you can see how ANY of that applies to you…

Then now you know why you’re not currently getting out there and backpacking… because you’re behaving like the Nervous Hiker.


to the Nervous Hiker in you

A nervous hiker wants to start backpacking but never quite feels ready to start…


There’s always one more thing to try and figure out, there’s a lot of conflicting information or the information you do find never quite covers everything you need…


Most of your close friends aren’t into backpacking, and your family tells you that you’re crazy for the things you’re longing to do…


You look at other hikers who are out there doing the trails you want to do, and wish you were in their hiking boots…


But every year passes, and you’re no closer to actually backpacking… you start wondering if you’ll even ever have the confidence to get out there and facilitate these adventures.


Even if you’ve gone on a couple trips with others, they’ve always been the ones organizing the hike, and you just follow along. But you want to be able to do this on your own.

It’s a way of being that prevents many aspiring hikers (like you) from actually getting out there and instead keeps them stuck in an endless loop of fear and confusion…

The Limitless Hiker is very different from the Nervous Hiker…

Nervous hikers believe that they're not skinny enough to be hikers because they don't look like "typical hikers"...

Limitless Hikers know that all body types can hike and aren’t afraid to challenge themselves.



Nervous hikers sit at home and are afraid of getting injured…

Limitless Hikers know how to train to avoid injuries, know what to do in case one does happen while hiking, and know that they will recover and get back out there even stronger.



Nervous hikers are afraid that bears and mountain lions will eat them…

Limitless Hikers know exactly what to do in wildlife encounters to make sure they stay safe and have overcome that fear entirely.




Nervous hikers don’t think they have enough time or money to go backpacking…

Limitless Hikers know how to use the time and money they do have to make this work.





Nervous hikers over pack because they don’t know exactly what to bring and always end up bringing the wrong things anyways…

Limitless Hikers have their entire gear systems fully dialed to stay comfortable, warm, all without excessive weight.


Limitless Hikers are Confident




They are not worried for their safety because they know what to do in any situation.

They know that their body is strong enough to get them up the mountain and back down regardless of their size and age.

They can organize hikes, lead hikes, and be even spontaneous in their adventures when the opportunity comes up.

There is no shortage of places and trails that Limitless Hikers can hike.


You will no longer question whether or not you’re ready

Run into a bear or a mountain lion on the trail? No problem, you know exactly what to do to keep yourself and your hiking buddies safe.


None of your friends enjoy hiking? That’s alright, because you’re surrounded by a community of like-minded people who get your drive for the great outdoors.


Get injured on the trail or come across someone clearly suffering from heat exhaustion? You know exactly what to do in that situation without questioning yourself.


You know how to read the clouds to know if a storm is rolling in. Or, if a flash flood starts, you’ll know exactly what to do to keep yourself alive.


Heading to the mountain backcountry? Even in the summer, temperatures can drop quickly. But this is not a problem for a Limitless Hiker. You know exactly how to keep yourself warm at night and how to layer correctly to prevent hypothermia.

And that’s EXACTLY what I’m here to do: help you STEP INTO being the Limitless Hiker far quicker and more easily than you ever could on your own.


And one of the ways you’re going to get there…


By not only giving you all of the information you need to go backpacking, but also by guiding you along this journey.


I’m here to let you in on a secret…


How many people do you know that Google different diets and weight loss processes, but never see any actual weight loss results?


You’ve probably tried this, too. Right?!


There is an overload of information online, all telling you to try different things. You jump from one resource to another, hoping that this one will be it. This will be the solution to help you lose those pesky 15 pounds. But nothing changes. If anything, you usually end up gaining weight.


That’s because there is no structure, no accountability, and no one helping you put everything together so you actually get the results.


And, most of the time, you just end up so overwhelmed at the endless information, that you don’t even know where to start.


Not to mention, these online resources rarely show you the bigger picture or give you all of the information. 


They usually give you a snip of information just to make you feel like you’re learning something and making progress, but is that giving you the results you want?


And that’s exactly why, year after year, nothing changes.

Because making that change on your own is harder than you think!


It seems like a pretty straightforward solution, doesn’t it?


Just Google what you don’t know, watch a couple YouTube videos, get out there, and start learning what Limitless Hikers do. Start doing it yourself, and start living the dream?


Unfortunately… No!


If you could just Google everything, wouldn’t you already have solved it and wouldn’t you already be out there hiking and backpacking?

What is the #1 thing Google won’t tell you?

What you’re missing!


There are things you don’t even know to look for, questions you don’t even know you need to ask!


Until you’re out there in the wilderness and realize there’s something you don’t know. Then it’s too late and you have no cell reception to Google it. 


Do you really want to put yourself in that situation?


This is what the Nervous Hiker does.


It’s not just about learning what you don’t know and building up the skills. You also need structure and accountability to get you from A… to B… to C… to mountain top.


How many guidebooks have you bought? How many times have you looked something up? Are you any closer to getting to that mountain top?


If you were, you wouldn’t still be reading this page.


Without the structure, you’ll stay on this “hamster wheel” of trying to learn more and more, just to end up more confused and never take any action.


A structure is designed to eliminate overwhelm and actually get you results. It is there to help you see the forest through the trees.


Only once you put together the knowledge and skillset (without the important missing gaps), with the structure and accountability to help guide you on the path, that’s when you instantly transform from the Nervous Hiker to a Limitless Hiker.


And I Will Help You Make That Transformation…

Ready to Become a Limitless Hiker?


Walk away knowing precisely how to train to prevent injuries, what gear you need, how to read a map and use a compass, and exactly what to do in any situation you might encounter while backpacking.