You can’t Google your way up the mountain


Limitless Hiker Academy

A transformational process that will take you from not ready, anxious, and overwhelmed, to the confident Limitless Hiker ready to hike any trail.
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Which of these apply to you?


>>> Do you find yourself daydreaming and wishing you could hike to the tops of mountains, go backpacking to backcountry alpine lakes, go on your first thru-hike, or hike to any of those stunning places you see on Instagram?


>>> Do you feel like you don’t even know where to begin or what to look for?


>>> Do you feel like you never have enough time, money, or confidence to finally just go do that hike you’re longing to do?


>>> Do you keep putting it off for that “one day” when you feel ready enough or when you have enough confidence to finally go for it?


>>> Do you feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty of everything that could possibly go wrong? It just plays into a loop in your head, so, to avoid it, you just stop yourself.


>>> The planning never seems to end - there is always one more thing to think about and figure out before you even feel confident enough to get out there.


>>> How many people tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t go?


>>> Are you worried about what others on the trail will think if you’re overweight and happen to injure yourself?

If, after reading that, you can see how ANY of that applies to you…


I’m here to tell you… there is nothing wrong with you. And... You’re Not Alone!


You’re not currently hiking those trails you’re dreaming about…

...because you're stuck operating as an


Your social media feed is an endless stream of alpine lakes, turquoise waterfalls, sunrise summits, ice caves, and bright orange canyons. You want to go and experience these places for yourself. You even feel a longing for it.


You’ve been doing more local day hikes, and maybe once per year you do a more “adventurous” day hike somewhere on vacation.


But you’re longing to spend nights in the backcountry under the stars, to hike those 14ers that are just out of reach for your current skill level, and to get to those places that are clearly not a day hike away.


Instead, you currently feel like a house cat stuck inside, looking out the window, wishing to explore the outside world.


You want to be able to pick a trail and go for it without the crippling fear that something will happen or that you don’t have the skill set needed to get there.


You sit there daydreaming about the “one day” when you’ll get to experience these places for yourself.   You’ve started Googling and even asking in Facebook Groups, trying to figure out where to go, what backpacking gear you need, and everything else.


But you end up more overwhelmed and confused.


How do you know what pair of hiking boots you need? How do you even pick between trail runners and hiking boots?


What do you actually bring with you on a backpacking trip? What do you really need to survive out there?


How do you know you’ll stay warm while sleeping? Or if there will be snow on the trail in June?


What if you see a bear or a mountain lion? What if you get injured and have no cell reception? What if there are creepy humans out there and attack you?


Your family and close friends tell you that you’re crazy for wanting to go backpacking. They don’t understand and start to talk you out of even trying. They tell you that you’re not ready to go.  After all, what do you actually know about the wilderness? They tell you stories of someone that got injured or died on a similar trail.


So, you start thinking, maybe they’re right. Maybe I don’t know anything. After all, you don’t feel fit enough to go. So you don’t feel ready enough.


The anxiety sets in and you decide to wait.


You’ll just stick to the local trails that you’ve been doing and wait until you have more confidence and the skills to actually be able to do the harder trails you’re longing for.


But every year seems to pass and you’re not any closer to actually seeing these places.


Getting there starts to feel as far fetched as going into outer space.


If that applies to you...


Then you’ve been operating as an Anxious Hiker instead of as a Limitless Hiker.


But that’s ok! It’s all you knew…


You might not have the confidence today. You might be telling yourself that you’re not ready for those trails you’re dreaming about.


You’re right, you’re NOT ready TODAY.


And that’s a good thing.


I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard from people who were overconfident, unprepared, and did go out there before they were ready and did not return home safely. These mountains that we’re climbing are no joke, it’s not an afternoon stroll in your neighborhood park.


So it’s a good thing that you don’t feel ready because you’ve already acknowledged that you NEED the skillset to get out there safely.


And it certainly does not mean you need to continue putting off your hiking and backpacking dreams for the “one day when you feel confident enough.”

It’s not a matter of how ready or confident you are, but how COMMITTED you are.


So, if experiencing those places seems “unrealistic” or “silly,” it’s time to stop being an anxious hiker or stay stuck in your old pattern.

What’s going to happen to your adventure dreams

If You DON’T Start Thinking Like a Limitless Hiker?

They’re going to stay exactly that… dreams.


How many more times are you going to say “one day I’ll do this,” before there are no more days left?

The real question is…


Do you want to live a life full of wishing you got to experience these places, or actually getting out there and seeing them for yourself?


Unfortunately, we all only have so many tomorrows in our lives, and it’s up to you to choose if you want to continue living like the Anxious Hiker or choose to become a Limitless Hiker.


Will you continue to only daydream about the adventures you want to go on, or will you actually take the steps you need to take to get there?


Will you continue to let your family and friends talk you out of going backpacking because they don’t understand, or will you choose to live your life on your own terms?


Will you continue to argue for your limitations and why you can’t go hiking and backpacking, or will you choose to work through them?

A Limitless Hiker behaves very differently than an Anxious Hiker…


A Limitless Hiker is able to pick a trail and go for it without the gripping fear for their safety, without second guessing your skillset, and with the confidence needed to make it to the top of the mountain and back down.


A Limitless Hiker works with their limitations, with the obstacles in life, and still finds a way to get out there. It’s not about how you can’t get outdoors, it’s about asking yourself HOW do I make this happen.


When you kick behaving like an Anxious Hiker to the curb and start being a Limitless Hiker, you will show up in your own life differently.

And That’s Important Because:


You will no longer question whether or not you’re ready. 


Run into a bear or a mountain lion on the trail? No problem, you know exactly what to do to keep yourself and your hiking buddies safe.


None of your friends enjoy hiking? That’s alright, because you’re surrounded by a community of like-minded people who get your drive for the great outdoors.


Get injured on the trail or come across someone clearly suffering from heat exhaustion? You know exactly what to do in that situation without questioning yourself.


You know how to read the clouds to know if a storm is rolling in. Or, if a flash flood starts, you’ll know exactly what to do to keep yourself alive.


Heading to the mountain backcountry? Even in the summer, temperatures can drop quickly. But this is not a problem for a Limitless Hiker. You know exactly how to keep yourself warm at night and how to layer correctly to prevent hypothermia.


Can you imagine how it would feel and how differently your life is going to look if you cut off being an Anxious Hiker and instead step into being a Limitless Hiker?

I’m here to let you in on a secret…


You can’t Google your way up the mountain. 

How many people do you know that Google different diets and weight loss processes, but never see any actual weight loss results?


You’ve probably tried this, too. Right?!


There is an overload of information online, all telling you to try different things. You jump from one resource to another, hoping that this one will be it. This will be the solution to help you lose those pesky 15 pounds. But nothing changes. If anything, you usually end up gaining weight.


That’s because there is no structure, no accountability, and no one helping you put everything together so you actually get the results.


And, most of the time, you just end up so overwhelmed at the endless information, that you don’t even know where to start. Not to mention, these online resources rarely show you the bigger picture or give you all of the information. 


They usually give you a snip of information just to make you feel like you’re learning something and making progress, but is that giving you the results you want?


And that’s exactly why, year after year, nothing changes.


Because making that change on your own is harder than you think!


It seems like a pretty straightforward solution, doesn’t it?


Just Google what you don’t know, watch a couple YouTube videos, get out there, and start learning what Limitless Hikers do. Start doing it yourself, and start living the dream?


Unfortunately… No!


If you could just Google everything, wouldn’t you already have solved it, and wouldn’t you already be out there hiking and backpacking?

 What is the #1 thing Google won’t tell you?


What you’re missing!

There are things you don’t even know to look for, questions you don’t even know you need to ask!


Until you’re out there in the wilderness and realize there’s something you don’t know. Then it’s too late and you have no cell reception to Google it. 


Do you really want to put yourself in that situation?


This is what an Anxious Hiker does.


It’s not just about learning what you don’t know and building up the skills. You also need structure and accountability to get you from A… to B… to C… to mountain top.


How many guidebooks have you bought? How many times have you looked something up? Are you any closer to getting to that mountain top?


If you were, you wouldn’t still be reading this page.


Without the structure, you’ll stay on this “hamster wheel” of trying to learn more and more, just to end up more confused and never take any action.


A structure is designed to eliminate overwhelm and actually get you results. It is there to help you see the forest through the trees.


Only once you put together the knowledge and skillset (without the important missing gaps), with the structure and accountability to help guide you on the path, that’s when you instantly transform from an Anxious Hiker to a Limitless Hiker.


And I will help you make that transformation...

Limitless Hiker Academy isn’t just a bunch of information. It’s a transformational process that will take you from not ready, anxious, and overwhelmed, to the confident Limitless Hiker ready to hike any trail.


Limitless Hiker Academy focuses on EXECUTION, NOT JUST LEARNING. It shows you exactly what to do, without the guesswork, to ensure that you’re prepared with the skills and safety resources you need to get outdoors safely and confidently.


  • The Three Pillars that make up the Limitless Hiker Framework will turn everything you think you know on its head and set you up for success.
  • The 7-Core Training Modules will teach you all of the essential skills and safety elements.
  • The Plug and Play Packing Lists and Guides will ensure that you no longer need to hope that you’re not missing important things on your trips.
  • The Bi-Monthly Live Group Coaching Sessions with Me will get you the support, clarity, and answers you need.

Once you join Limitless Hiker Academy, you’ll get access to all 7 Outdoor Empowering Modules designed to move you towards your hiking and backpacking goals!


Each module in Limitless Hiker Academy contains short videos and exercises specifically created to teach you exactly what you need to know to hike and backpack the trails you’re dreaming about and move you forward in your transformation. And, when applicable, includes detailed done-for-you process checklists so you don’t miss anything important.


Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside Limitless Hiker Academy once you join…

"Before, I used to buy endless guidebooks that would never get me anywhere. LHA made backpacking very practical and for a very small price and it got me into the whole thing.

I was a complete beginner. I read a book about backpacking the AT and I used to dream about it and my endless bucket list. But the more I thought about it, the more I freaked out and realized I didn’t know anything to go backpacking. LHA came around at the right time. I went from 0 to doing 13 mile hiking trips."

- Irina

Module 1: Your Hiking Headspace

The single most important thing every Limitless Hiker understands is that hiking and backpacking is as mentally challenging as it is physically.


We’ll start out by laying a foundation - understanding where you are and where you want to go.


You can’t sit in your comfort zone on your couch and hope your bucket list ticks off on its own. To get to experience the bucket list trails you’re after, you need to learn to overcome the fears that are holding you back and learn to step into becoming the type of person who hikes those trails.


To truly step into becoming a Limitless Hiker and be able to pick any trail you want and go for it, you need to think like a Limitless Hiker and hone in your hiking headspace. 


In Module One, we’re going to start by laying the groundwork for your hiking headspace, including:

  • Discover how to find confidence to hike those major bucket list trails you’re dreaming about.
  • How to push beyond not feeling ready so you stop putting off your adventure goals for “one day.”
  • The quickest and easiest way to overcome fear when it sets in while you’re hiking. You know, that voice that tells you you’re not capable and should turn around?
  • How to set hiking goals and actually achieve them.

Module 2: Planning Roadmap

Planning backpacking trips can be a huge challenge since there are so many moving pieces involved in the researching and planning process. Plus, getting those backpacking permits, especially for trails like Half Dome, the John Muir Trail, Mt. Whitney, the Enchantments, and Havasupai, can be a huge challenge. 


In Module Two, we’re going to break down researching, planning, and permits to make this the least of your worries, including:

  • The full breakdown of the logistics you need to consider when planning a backpacking trip - some you didn’t even consider you needed.
  • My top resources for finding trails, choosing hikes, and selecting backcountry campgrounds that match your current comfort level without spending hours researching just to end up more confused.
  • The secret to getting all of those hard-to-get wilderness permits. 

Module 3: Training for the Peaks

Training is an essential part of preventing injuries, building confidence, and progressing to more challenging trails. When you strengthen your body you optimize how your body functions and how you feel within your body. It also lets you focus on the trail instead of just moving your sore and tired legs up the mountain.


But general training, the stuff you find online, and the personal trainers at the gym, don’t know how to specifically train for the mountains.


They might help you lose a couple of pounds, but they won’t help you develop the type of training you need that will allow you to hike the trails you’re after without huffing and puffing the whole way up.


In Module Three, we’re going to cover how to break down training for hiking so it’s simple and so you can actually do it, including:

  • What you’re not going to learn from personal trainers and general fitness professionals.
  • The truth about what it really takes to train for harder hikes.
  • The secret to making fitness work with your schedule while actually progressing along your fitness journey.
  • How to craft a hiking specific training program.
  • How to improve your hiking speed and overall endurance level.

Module 4: Simplify Backpacking Gear

Figuring out what backpacking gear you need can be very confusing. There are so many different brands, different features, different things to decide. Not to mention, figuring out what you actually need with you that’s going to keep you comfortable, warm, safe,and without breaking the bank and weighing a ton. Right?


In Module Four we are going to simplify the whole process, including:

  • A full breakdown of everything you need to bring with you on a backpacking trip.
  • Major things you need to think about when purchasing key pieces of gear like backpacks, sleeping bags and pads, tents, shoes, clothing, hiking poles, water filter and carry systems, and more.
  • How to pack your backpack correctly so that everything fits and sits comfortably on you without causing back pain.
  • The easiest ways to reduce your overall pack weight without sacrificing comfort.
  • Plus, my top gear recommendations to help you narrow down your search.

Module 5: Wilderness Hygiene

Does going to the bathroom outdoors worry you? Not sure what to do if you’re going backpacking on your period? What if you’re planning a long backpacking trip and want to shower and wash your hair along the way?


In Module Five we’re going to break down wilderness hygiene, including:

  • How to go to the bathroom in the woods without stressing about it.
  • How to pack out your dirty toilet paper without making it a gross experience.
  • Simple ways to shower, shave, and wash your hair on longer backpacking trips.
  • Plus, an entire lesson specifically covering women-specific hygiene with topics like hiking and backpacking on your period.

Module 6: Wilderness Safety

Most aspiring hikers say they’re afraid of bears and mountain lions, are worried about getting lost or injured while hiking, and are just, overall, confused about wilderness safety.


In Module Six we’re going to break down all of the essential skills you need to know in order to head into the backcountry safely and know what to do in any situation, including:

  • How to handle different wilderness emergencies and worst case scenarios like a champ so that you’re prepared whether you’re going solo or with a group.
  • Discover how to read a map and use a compass so that if you get lost, you know exactly what to do and can return safely.
  • The easiest way to avoid getting lost and navigating any trail and what to do if you do get lost and go off trail.
  • What to do in different wildlife encounters so that you are prepared regardless of where you’re hiking.
  • Which types of wildlife to expect in different areas of the country
  • The secret to preventing altitude sickness and what to do if you or someone gets it.
  • Easy ways to understand different weather patterns so you’re not caught off guard.
  • What to do and how to stay safe if a fire starts while you’re in the backcountry. 

Module 7: Breaking Down Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace Principles are essential to getting outdoors sustainably and preserving our wilderness areas for generations to come. 


In Module Seven we’re going to break down Leave No Trace so it’s very easy to understand and put into practice, including:

  • Discover how to follow Leave No Trace Principles on all of your hiking and backpacking trips so that you can help leave our wilderness areas better than we found them.
  • The truth about following Leave No Trace when it comes to sharing locations on social media.

"I ascended to 13,070 feet, pretty damn proud of my accomplishment since this was my first overnight backpacking trip.

Considering I live in Texas where my house is about 57 feet above sea level, very happy with my level of success. Thanks for helping me accomplish this feat!!!"

- Doug

By the end of these 7 Modules, you’ll have completely transformed your knowledge, skillset, and confidence as a hiker. You’ll be ready to take on any challenge and be able to pick a trail and go for it.


The Real “Secret Sauce” That Makes LHA so Transformative...


There are lots of books, blogs, and YouTube videos out there that promise the same kinds of results as LHA. Heck, you can even spend several thousand dollars on a guide.


Maybe you’ve bought some of those books. Maybe you’ve spent countless hours reading blogs and watching YouTube videos only to end up in the same spot you’re in today.


Well, the truth is, few, if any of them, can deliver like Limitless Hiker Academy does for one simple reason: 


Limitless Hiker Academy focuses on EXECUTION, NOT JUST LEARNING. It shows you exactly what to do, without the guesswork, to ensure that you’re prepared with the skills and safety resources you need to get outdoors safely and confidently.


I can guarantee there are many things you didn’t even think about Googling and won’t find anywhere else on the internet. After all, you can only Google what you know you don’t know. What about everything else?


I’ve helped hundreds of hikers go from fearful to limitless, and now it’s YOUR turn!


Now that being a Limitless Hiker is all but guaranteed for you, you’re probably wondering…


How Much Is My Investment?


Limitless Hiker Academy is not some expensive course that will cost you thousands of dollars, like hiring a mountain guide would be. It’s also not an outdated $12 book or a $20 newsletter subscription.


It’s a small investment into your future that will pay endlessly for years to come through the adventures you will be going on. 


It’s a transformation that frees you from not feeling ready, lacking confidence, worrying about not being fit enough, prepared enough, too slow, or too old. So that you can live a life of no regrets and actually experience your bucket list.


That change that you’re craving in your life.


The adventure.


Experiencing new places for yourself.


And not living a life of regret.


That change starts today.


And when you weigh all that against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, then it’s an easy choice.

Step Into Being a Limitless Hiker TODAY

3 Monthly Payments

Enroll today for only $297 for 3 Months

Pay in Full

Enroll today for only $797

Join Limitless Hiker Academy

"LHA got me going for more miles.

I started going for 3 miles, and then 6 miles, and then I saw I was almost to 7 miles, so I kept pushing for more miles and more elevation gain and going on harder and harder trails.
I wanted to get into more intense hiking and then I tried on my own, but what I was doing wasn’t the right stuff. I went to Yellowstone and didn’t go with bear spray so I was too afraid to spend much time hiking. But then I discovered LHA and this is a great way to learn alongside others who are in the same place as me, so I didn’t feel bad that I don’t already have the knowledge.

I love that the course is self-paced, I can go through it on my own time and go back through them.

I love the connection with the other students.

Even during COVID when getting out can be more challenging, LHA has kept my motivation high and has kept me working toward my hiking goals."

- Lisa

"I'm now getting ready to thru-hike the High Sierra Trail.

I joined LHA because I couldn't find what I needed online. Everything was too vague or too beginner and basic for the trails I wanted to be doing. LHA prepared me for major trails like the High Sierra Trail."


I Have Some Extra “Goodies” For You

The first 7 modules will completely transform you, but that’s just the beginning. When you join LHA, you also get 7 additional bonuses.

Bonus 1: Bi-Monthly Group Q/A Sessions for 3 Months ($2,397 Value)

What if you have questions or get stuck?


A Limitless Hiker might feel confident going solo but doesn’t go on this journey alone. I’m here to help you along the way, and so are the more experienced Limitless Hikers in the group.


Twice per month we have Q/A calls, but these aren’t your standard one sided Q/A calls, these are done through Zoom, so we can chat face-to-face and in real-time.


This is one of the best things about this community. On our calls, everyone is cheering each other on, asking how their last trip was, and supporting each other. You can’t ask for a better crowd of hikers to go on this journey with.


On these calls...

  • You’ll get advice on all of your questions from me and the others in the Limitless Hiker Academy community. 
  • You’ll learn things you didn’t even think about from the questions they ask, and hear what adventures they’re going on. 
  • The Q/A calls are usually in the evenings and schedule comes out at the start of every month so you can plan ahead. 

Bonus 2: LHA Student Only Facebook Community ($497 Value)

You don’t have to go at it alone. 


Since we’re a group that likes to support each other, you also get access to a student only Facebook community!


Inside this community, you can connect with other Limitless Hikers, ask your questions outside of our Q/A calls, and get support from me and the others in the group, as well as share photos of your recent adventures.


Inside you’ll…

  • Interact with others in the Limitless Hiker Academy community to make long-lasting outdoorsy friends.
  • Get feedback on all of your questions outside our bi-monthly Q/A calls.
  • Share your latest hiking and backpacking adventures.

Bonus 3: Backcountry Meal Lesson and Toolkit ($247 Value)

There’s a science to planning, preparing, and packing your backpacking meals.


In the backcountry, food is fuel. It’s not just a matter of what you eat, it’s really understanding how your body processes certain types of foods so you can maximize your energy and recovery while backpacking.


Every ounce matters when you’re going backpacking. You don’t want to carry a 50-pound pack up a mountain, so you need to maximize your meals to be weight-efficient.


Inside, you’ll discover…

  • How to plan out your backpacking meals so that you’re not over packing or underpacking and adding extra carrying weight.
  • An easy-to-understand breakdown of backpacking nutrition so you don’t get overwhelmed, but, instead, understand the type of food you need to bring with you so that you can sustain your energy for the day and the duration of your trip.

Bonus 4: Easiest Ways to Save Money on Quality Gear ($147 Value)

Backpacking and hiking gear can be expensive. 


Cheap gear is, well, cheaply made and usually won’t even last a single backpacking trip. That’s why in this lesson, you’re going to learn how to get quality gear without breaking the bank.


Inside, you’ll learn...

  • Quick and easy ways to save money on quality gear.
  • The secret to finding and getting discounts on hiking and backpacking gear that no one else will tell you.

Step Into Being a Limitless Hiker TODAY

3 Monthly Payments

Enroll today for only $297 for 3 Months

Pay in Full

Enroll today for only $797

Join Limitless Hiker Academy

"Through LHA, I learned exactly what to do in wildlife encounters to make sure I keep myself and my kids safe.

I used to be terrified of wildlife. From coyote encounters to mountain lions to bears. I wouldn't sleep all night on trips worrying about wild animals, let alone on a backpacking trip. But this program not only showed me exactly what to do but also how to put that fear behind me."

- Victoria

"Limitless Hiker gave me the motivation, information, and accountability that I needed to move ahead with my big retirement goal of learning to backpack and then actually going for it!

Jenny is very motivational which helped me get started. She is also accessible to answer questions which helped me continue because I knew I could get many questions answered quickly."

- Kathleen

That Sounds Like a Ton of Stuff!


I Know!


And if all of it seems a little overwhelming, believe me…


It’s not!


I created Limitless Hiker Academy to eliminate that overwhelming feeling. I want to make going hiking and backpacking easier for you, not harder. 


It’s designed to make the transformation from wishing and daydreaming about harder trails to a “Limitless Hiker” fun! 


All of the lessons and exercises are broken down into easy to digest chunks. You won’t get blasted with hours and hours of videos that soak up all of your free time!


Imagine all the beautiful places you’ll finally be able to experience for yourself at the end of this! Not just to see these places on Instagram and Facebook, but to actually see them with your own eyes and to fully immerse yourself in these destinations you can only get to by foot. 


Now Having Said That…


Limitless Hiker Academy is Definitely NOT for Everyone


Now it’s not a matter of how ready or confident you are, but how COMMITTED you are.


When you’re committed, you’re 100% in and willing to do whatever it takes.


You can’t be 99% committed. That’s a conditional commitment, and that does not get you to the top of that mountain and on those backcountry adventures you’re dreaming about.


Conditional commitment means that you’ll only do it if it’s easy. But if it’s easy, wouldn’t everyone do it?


But everyone is not a Limitless Hiker.


Now the million dollar question is…


If you were truly 100% committed to hiking and backpacking those trails you’re itching to do, what would be the scariest thing you’ll have to do to make it happen?


Limitless Hiker Academy is designed to meet you where you are now.


It takes your CURRENT skill level and helps shape you into becoming a true Limitless Hiker.


It’s time for you to ask yourself this hard question: “Do I want to see sunrises on top of peaks, swim in alpine lakes, hike through slot canyons and summit mountains, go thru-hiking, and actually live my wildest dreams?”


Or do you want to continue waiting for the magical “one day” to do those things you’re dreaming about?


LHA is for those who are ready to commit to the life they want.


Let’s no longer wait to go on the adventures you’ve been dreaming about.


Let’s no longer make excuses of why you can’t get out there and hike and backpack. Instead, let’s add more and more hiking and backpacking trips to your calendar. One at a time, let’s tick off beautiful places!


If you’re just going to sit there and tell me why you can’t go hiking and continue to argue for your limitations, then Limitless Hiker isn’t for you.


Limitless Hiker Academy shows you exactly how to make it happen.


If this sounds like you, and you’re finally willing to COMMIT to yourself and your dreams, then, I promise you, LHA is the quickest way to get you from looking at this screen to actually hiking.

Step Into Being a Limitless Hiker TODAY

3 Monthly Payments

Enroll today for only $297 for 3 Months

Pay in Full

Enroll today for only $797

Join Limitless Hiker Academy

"We have also gotten a lot of inspiration from many others in the group, hearing and seeing the things that they’re doing to prepare themselves.

My wife and I have really enjoyed and gotten a lot out of Limitless Hiker. The educational part is the primary reason we joined and it helped us purchase gear, know what to expect while backpacking, and feel more comfortable in as we adventure into backpacking. The hikes, exercises, and trips others have done inspire us to put in the work necessary to achieve our dreams.”

- Bill

I’ll even guarantee it with your

90-Day Worry-Free Money Back Guarantee


I am personally committed to providing an extraordinary experience for all of my students inside of Limitless Hiker Academy and to help you get onto those trails you’ve been dreaming about.


If you’re not completely BLOWN AWAY by the lessons and experience inside of Limitless Hiker Academy, simply send an email to my Support Team at [email protected] for a FULL REFUND on your investment. Since I really want you to have time to try it and decide if this program is for you, I’m giving you a full 90 days to think about it! If we’re not a right fit, I am here to rectify the situation. No harsh feelings either, I promise.


No questions asked. No hurdles to jump through. No hiding. No headaches.


If the only thing holding you back from actually taking action and investing in yourself is the fear of “will this work for me?,” then I encourage you to re-read my words above.

So, Let’s Recap!


When you join Limitless Hiker Academy, you’ll receive instant access to the 7 LHA training modules - videos and exercises that transform you from just day dreaming of hiking and backpacking more challenging trails into actually ticking off your bucket list one trail at a time. 


($5,000 Value)


  • Bi-monthly LIVE group coaching sessions to answer questions, expand on topics covered in LHA, erase doubts, and keep you motivated. ($2,397 Value)
  • Access to the LHA Student Only Facebook Group so you can get feedback on all of your questions at any time, connect with others in the group, make friends, and share your adventures. ($497 Value)
  • There’s a science to planning, preparing, and packing your backpacking meals, so in the Backcountry Meal Lesson and Toolkit, you’ll learn exactly how to craft the perfect backpacking meal plan to ensure you’re getting enough energy, not going hungry, and not adding extra weight to your pack. ($247 Value)
  • Plus, you’ll be getting a training on the Easiest Ways to Save Money on Quality Gear, so you can get everything you need for your backpacking adventures without breaking the bank. ($147 Value)
  • And, not to mention, access the program from anywhere thanks to the app. 


That makes everything you get worth well over $5,000!

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So, My Friend…

It’s Time for You to Make One of Two Choices…


The first choice is: choose to stay the same. But, as you already know, if you want to change your life, you have to change your life. If you choose nothing, then nothing changes. You’ll continue to just day dream about the trails you’re longing to do.


But, if you already know that you want to be the type of person that is able to pick a trail and go for it, to be able to actually see the places you’re dreaming about for yourself, not just as a pretty picture on Instagram, and to get out there and be empowered in your own life, then your choice is obvious: join us in Limitless Hiker Academy and finally step into the hiker I know you’re longing to become.


Simply click the button below and I, my team, and your entire future Limitless Hiker community will be waiting for you on the other side!


But, if you’re still going back and forth, wondering whether now is the time to take the leap, allow me to share one last reflection with you. 


Maybe you’re thinking something like…


“This all sounds amazing, but I just don’t have the time, energy, or money right now.”


Well… you can continue to think like that and wait for the “one day” when the stars align.


But when will it be the right time? When will you have enough energy or money?


How much longer are you going to keep waiting for this “one day” when you feel ready and when you have enough?


Here’s a little loving reflection from someone who has said this exact same thing too many times… This means you’re not making the choice. This means you’re letting something outside of you make the choice for you.


And, as I’m sure you can see by now, that’s not how a Limitless Hiker thinks.


You see, our circumstances are dependent on how we perceive them. When we allow things like time, money or energy to become the “reasons” we don’t do something, it’s actually a sign that we’re not willing to take responsibility for our choices. We’re not ready to stop protecting ourselves from the impact that we say we want to make in our lives.


But there are only so many times you can say “one day” before you’re truly out of time.


You’ll just continue to live a life of wishing and dreaming and never actually doing. Then, before you know it, years will go by,, time has done nothing but pass you by, and you still haven’t done any of those trails you were dreaming about.


You only have one life. You have a choice every single day of how you show up for yourself and how you choose to live it.


You have a choice to say “yes” to yourself today and start on the journey to crossing off those trails you’re dreaming about.


A Limitless Hiker understands this. And now, so do you.

Please Note:


Ok… If you’re like some folks reading this page, you may be thinking, “I WANT to join Limitless Hiker Academy, but I cannot afford it.”


I hear you. The very fact that you’re here on this page means you already know you need a training like Limitless Hiker Academy to have you learn the skills needed to safely hike and backpack the trails you’re dreaming about and to finally BECOME a true Limitless Hiker.


Plus, the fact that you’re on this page means that you haven’t found a training yet, because if you had, you wouldn’t still be looking for it, right?


Although by now, I’m sure it’s clear that there will be a HUGE return on investment for you.  Perhaps what isn’t as clear is there is also a huge Cost of Inaction when you allow your resistance to protect you from your own growth and living the life you truly desire. 


There’s only one vital question I would ask yourself right now: “Am I willing to take 100% responsibility for my life, or am I not?”


According to Merriam Webster, the definition of responsibility is: causing something to happen. 


So what that means to you is that whatever happens in your life, you have caused it and what does NOT happen in your life, you have also caused it. 


We know that you’re not where you want to be today on your hiking journey, and you now recognize that you’ve caused that. And, if you really want to be a true Limitless Hiker, you now know that it’s going to be YOU who causes it.


If you don’t, then there is a high price to pay… the price of continuing down this path of just wishing, feeling not ready, feeling overwhelmed, and watching your life pass you by without getting out there. 


Remember, there are only so many tomorrows for you to continue putting off your hiking dreams.


When you acknowledge that, then the question changes into a statement. 


“I can’t afford to NOT make this happen.”


What could your life look like a year from now when you’re watching a sunrise from the top of Half Dome or Mt. Whitney? 


When will you finally get to see those beautiful turquoise falls of Havasupai? 


When will thru-hiking something like the High Sierra Trail, the John Muir Trail, or even the Appalachian Trail actually be a possibility for you instead of something you’re just dreaming about?


You could continue to read guide book after guide book hoping that one of them will give you an answer. You could hire a guide and pay thousands of dollars for a fraction of the information covered in LHA. But do you actually know ALL the questions to ask?  ALL the things to look out for?


Those are all options, but will those options actually help you hike those trails you’re dreaming about? If those options actually helped you, wouldn’t you be out there right now actually doing instead of just dreaming?


You absolutely HAVE what it takes to make this program and all the adventures you’re dreaming about happen in your life.


In fact, as a Limitless Hiker, you step into a place where you are truly limitless. But to get to be limitless, you need to face the discomfort of growth. I know that to be true, but this will only be your truth if you choose to believe it and act in accordance to it.


So, let’s revisit that single most important question to ask yourself:


Are you willing to take 100% responsibility in your life or not?


If you are, then get signed up for Limitless Hiker Academy. 


If you’re not, then you can absolutely close this window now.

But CHOOSE Quickly!


Because you went through the masterclass, I’m offering $300 off of Limitless Hiker Academy, but only for a short period of time!


When the timer runs out, so does this discount.


Since the present moment is all we have, I’m sure you’ll agree that there will never be a better time than now. 


Imagine all the hikes and backpacking trips you’ll be able to go on THIS YEAR if you say yes to yourself right now?


You CAN do this. 


You no longer need to wait for “someday” to make these trips a reality. You no longer need to feel overwhelmed, scared, not ready, and lacking in confidence when you think about getting out there and exploring wilderness areas.


You can CHOOSE at this very moment to say yes to yourself and step into becoming a Limitless Hiker. Step into that life that until now you’ve just dreamed about.


Don’t continue to waste a single moment wondering what if?


My whole team, community, and I, will be there to support you.


Join us now.

Step Into Being a Limitless Hiker TODAY

3 Monthly Payments

Enroll today for only $297 for 3 Months

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You have questions, I have answers!


Below is a list of the most common questions I’ve been asked. If you don’t see your question here, just shoot us an email at [email protected], or you can even shoot me a DM on Facebook or Instagram! I’m here to help clear up any confusion to help you decide if Limitless Hiker Academy is a good fit for you.


Step Into Being a Limitless Hiker TODAY

3 Monthly Payments

Enroll today for only $297 for 3 Months

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